Orphan Donations Project

The Orphan Foundation is built to help the Orphan's not only to help raise money to get them the health care they need but for many, many, more things. We want to provide them with clothes, shoes, toys, education, and the comfort of being loved.

We Collect Gifts for the Orphan's

Have anything you can donate we will except all donations. Bikes, toys, books, clothes, shoes, etc. How can we leave these orphans suffering when we can donate just something small and it will make their lives ten thousand times better. We all have almost everything we want when these orphans go with out medicine and medical treatment.

Donations are Needed these kids are in NEED

How can you look in the face of these children in need and not want to help. Let's become a team and build the donations that can help these orphans in so many ways. Ways we cannot even possibly understand. Donate today and show the orphans how much you truly care.

Orphan's are in NEED


Our foundation is in place to help out the orphan's and give them the education and medical care that they need. There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. Despite these staggering numbers, we believe there has to be plan to give every child a hope and a future. The question to us as Americans is this: Will we assume responsibility – the ability to respond – or will we allow these children to carry these burdens alone?

We are going to build a school to help educate these children and continue to accept donations of any kind in order to provide them with everything they need. How would you feel if you were helpless? No parents no one to care and love you. Can you even imagine this feeling? We cannot.

As the donations continue to grow the more and more we can do for all these orphan's. The better we will all feel about ourselves. IF YOU GIVE UP one cup of coffee bought from the coffee shop and you could donate that to these orphans. To them thats like a million dollars. A million hugs and so much love.


Make Your Donations Today

Today make your first step in changing these children's lives. Call us today and make your donation.

This is a Non-Profit Organization

Headed by Business Professionals of many different fields.

We Started this organization to give back. We have been very blessed in our lives and it is time to give back. We have already started to collect donations and it is the season of giving. So help us collect some more by giving us a call today.

Office # 772.283.2868

Toll Free # 888.502.0325

24/7 Line # 863.800.5555

or #772.332.4878

Important Medical Needs

Medical Professionals and Staff Support is Needed.

If you are a medical professional or medical equipment/supplies provider, your help is needed. Lab technicians, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, surgeons, doctors, clinic managers are an important part of the medical projects. You can donate your time or supplies any little bit will help. These children are in need and have no one to provide for them. They are malnourished and need medical attention. Any supplies will help. If you are willing to donate your time please contact us so we can set this up.

Call us or email us anytime.

Support through Volunteering

Hold a fundraising event at any location.

Orphans Foundation relies extensively on a community of volunteers to ensure the success of its projects. If you are interested in volunteering with Orphans Foundation please contact us. You may decide to hold a fundraising event for the orphans and through our office we will determine the project to direct the funds to that are raised.

If you are interested to support please email to the Vice President at VPeheide@orphansfoundation.org or support@orphansfoundation.org.

Orphans in Need Foundation

Our Foundation is out there to help Orphans in Need we have all made personal Donations and continue to collect new donations daily. It does not matter how big or small any item is excepted. These orphans need all the help they can receive.

Have you ever been in Need? Imagine if you were. These Orphans are more than anyone truly can Imagine.

Donate your Time. Donate water, food, dry good, cleaning supplies, everything we take for granted. Donate medical attention and supplies. Donate a few pennies every month and imagine what you would be providing for these orphans. These are the pennies we throw to the side or in a cup or piggy bank. Just donate a few and help us help them.

Do not Just Stop There? Continue to Help Us, Help Them in anyway you can.

Help us Help These Orphans and We will make it easy for you. Either Donate through Paypal or use your credit card. Call Us make a donation by phone. Donate items you can have them picked up or delivered. Mail in a check or call and make a donation by phone our representatives are always available for you.