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Lets start today with a fresh start. Tomorrow morning lets wake up and be grateful for all that we have and think of a way each day to give back. Our foundation is here to raise money, food, water, cloths, toys, medical care, medical supplies, and etc. Not only do we want to provide these orphans with all the items they need but we want to supply them with the time and love and care that they need. Not all of us have money to donate but if you do please help these children. Otherwise, we all have a moment or an item to donate and help these children in need. Think about if it was you that needed help? You would hope someone was there to help you. Well we are here to help these orphans in need whether its only with a moment of spare time you have to help. A pair of jeans that no longer fit. Bring a smile to these children's faces and imagine how good you will feel about yourself.Donate Today

Text Message Us Anytime

We are here 24/7 text us if you are to busy to make a phone call 888-502-0325 or 772-247-2479 or 772-2476. We are always available.

Text Anytime

Donations of Anything

Just call or click the Donate button and help us help the Orphans. Any help is greatly appreciated and we can provide you with a tax write off receipt.


Call Us Anytime

Just a Phone call away here to take your call at anytime. Help us help these children. Donate anything that you can and provide these orphans with food, water, and educations.

Call Us Anytime

Donations of Any Kind

We need to produce supplies for these orphans and any donate money or necessities can help us to provide for these children in need.

A Little More about Our Foundation and Why it is so Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Orphans Foundation was started as a way to help enrich the lives of orphans. We wanted to have a way to raise money and support a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Orphan care is important to us because some of our board members have sen this up close and person. They have lived under these conditions and built themselves up. We want to help these orphans have this same opportunity in life. We see how many orphans are in need today and we wish to make a difference in as many lives as we can.

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