Donations to the Orphans

Help Build the Future for these Children

Our mission is to transform the lives of orphans, vulnerable and at-risk children through access to medical care, education, and psychosocial support to help them become healthy, independent, and productive members of their communities and the world. We currently work in Haiti, the United States, and the rest of the world. We are working hard to provide these children with everything they need. Build their futures and provide them with the educations and everything they need.

Orphans Foundation

Save the Children

Save the Children with the Orphans Foundation is our project to help give back. We want to be able to provide these children with everything we had in life while growing up. They need to be able to have medical attention and an education so that they can grow up and become successful people. Then they can build their own organization to give back to the orphans that need help in the future. It is a cycle of life that we want to begin by helping these children.